Well it was one hell of a weekend for Liverpool Football Club. Saturday morning, I was awoke by a phone call. "Terry whats the best news you could possibly have right now?" A few things flew through my mind. A job offer, a bacon butty waiting downstairs for me. But what my mate meant was never in doubt. "Hodgsons gone?!" I replied in a croaky excited voice. "Yes and Kenny got the job until the end of the season!"  I didn't stop smiling for the rest of the day!

The negativity that surrounded Roy Hodgson's rein is well documented. The long balls, his record away from home and his dreadful press conferences. However, the main gripe with him was, he just wasn't a Liverpool manager. 

Liverpool managers from Shankly onwards have always behaved in a certain way, understood the traditions of the club and defended the club to the hilt. I don't think Roy Hodgson ever really did understand how high the expectations were at Liverpool and he definitely didn't understand howmuch we expect from our manager. His successor however understands better than anyone. And within the first minute of Kenny Dalglish's press conference to introduce him as the new Liverpool manager, it felt like the club was back to normal. With one of our own in charge. Liverpool F.C feels like Liverpool F.C again. Kenny Dalglish epitomizes the Liverpool way

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Your blog template was so nice I decided to make a Weebly account too.

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I just created a weebly account after finding your blog, thanks.


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